Australian Open 2020 Prize Money

2020 Australian Open
Date 20 January – 2 February
Edition 108th 52nd (Open Era)
Category Grand Slam
Prize money A$71,000,000

            Australian open is a tennis tournament and it is held in Melbourne, Australia. The tournament is first held in the 1905 and it is a first of the four grand slam of the year and the three are French open, Wimbledon and US open. The Australian open have a high attendance during the matches. It is the first Grand slam tournament, which features in the indoor play during the wet weather or in an extreme heat with its primary court.

The tournament features both men and women singles match, men’s and women’s mixed doubles and as well as the wheelchair, legends and the exhibition events. The 1988 tournament is play on the grass. Since the 1988 two types of hard court surfaces has been used in the Melbourne perk.

The prize money has been awarded in the men’s and women’s singles tournament is distributed equally. The total prize in the 2015 is $62,500,00. In the 2011 the director is announced to increase the prize money of the tournament. It is the highest prize money for any tennis tournament. The prize money is increased to 62.5 million dollars from 2019 onwards.

The Australian open have a most prize money out of the 4 grand slams. In the next year of the grand slam Australian open become a number 1 tennis tournament and also become the number 1 grand slam and tops the 50 million dollar prize money in 2017. The Australian open officials look to reward the maximum amount of for the growth of the tournament and the prize money. Officials want to increase the prize money and people congregate in the Melbourne park and watch the Australian open on the very first day.

Australian Open 2020 Predictions

The Australian open has increased the 2019 prize money of 62.5 million US dollars to the 2020 prize money of 73.2 million US dollars, whopping to increase an 10%. The director Craig Tiley said that we are not ready to talk about that such things to publicity yet and we are still doing bit works to do in terms of our planning for the next year. They are looking to make the Australian as successful as possible financially. Prize money is important because the prize money is helping to attract the best young athletes in tennis. They have the professional global competition and they want to give the compensation that goes well beyond the top players.

Last year the US open and Wimbledon has also increased their prize money. There are race between all the 4 Grand slams who will pay the highest prize money for the tennis player.

Australian open winner men and women will take the 3.4 million US dollars as an prize money. Since the 2005 the Australian open has increased the 25 million US dollars, which means 2.5 million dollars in each 10 years has been passed since the 2005. Every player which comes to play the Australian open which qualify for the qualifiers will get the 2500 dollars as a voucher with the free accommodation, and foot on the site.

Australian Open 2020 Prize Money Breakdown:

SINGLES – men’s and women’s – per player – 128 draw
Winner $    4,100,000
Runner-up $    2,050,000
Semifinal $    920,000
Quarterfinal $    460,000
Round 4 $    260,000
Round 3 $    155,000
Round 2 $    105,000
Round 1 $    75,000
DOUBLES – men’s and women’s – per team – 64 draw
Winner $    750,000
Runner-up $    375,000
Semifinal $    190,000
Quarterfinal $    100,000
Round 3 $    55,000
Round 2 $    32,500
Round 1 $    21,000
QUALIFYING SINGLES – men’s and women’s – per player – 128 draw
Round 3 $    40,000
Round 2 $    25,000
Round 1 $    15,000
MIXED DOUBLES – per team – 32 draw
Winner $    185,000
Runner-up $    95,000
Semifinal $    47,500
Quarterfinal $    23,000
Round 2 $    11,500
Round 1 $    5,950

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